• Smile at table…
    Our basic concept for creating our products is to present the healthy deliciousness

    “Genuine katsuobushi is possible only by a hundred touch of artisan with care.”
    This saying explains everything about Kyuemon’s katsuobushi.
    Our traditional method has never changed and every step in the process is completed with care and attention of human hands.

    Hayashi-Kyuemon-Shoten was established as a store specializing in katsuobushi in Meiji 18 (1885).

  • Inheriting the philosophy of the founder, Kyuemon, and making the best use of katsuo (bonito), we have devoted ourselves to improving our skills and to refining the production technologies in order to present customers the best products. The over 130 year tradition is the results of efforts in every single day heading for tomorrow.

    We would like to present the “real taste” no matter how the time changes. Like the planning and developing of the small packaged kezuribushi, we always make a great effort to create new products suitable for the life style of the time. We also keep studying what we can do for the preservation and development of “dashi” culture as the core essence of “washoku”.

  • Katsuobushi is a very ideal ingredient for the health management due to its “umami”. By creating new deliciousness from such superior food material in a style which any family in the world can easily use, we would like to make everybody smile at table.

    “With true heart” as our motto, we will devote ourselves to make the better products. Sticking to the natural materials, valuing deliciousness and esteeming the wealth of hearts, Kyuemon will commit ourselves to diligence day by day.

    Director President / the fifth-generation owner,
    Goichiro HAYASHI

  • Company Outline

    Company Name :
    Hayashi-Kyuemon-Shoten Co., Ltd.
    Head Office/Plant :
    5-23-17 Mugino, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan
    Shops in Japan :
  • Established :
    1885 (Foundation: December 1959)
    Representative Director, President :
    Goichiro Hayashi (Fifth-generation owner)
    Capital :
    14.5 million yen
    Scope of Business :
    Dried bonito and other dry provisions manufacturing and food processing
  • Products :
    Various kinds of dried bonito and other dry provision flakes, soup stocks, gift items including instant soup and groceries
    Number of Employees (as of November 2020) :
    50 *including part-timers
    Main suppliers :
    Farm producers and wholesale dealers in all over Japan
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